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Welcome to Devils Dragon

2020.07.01 18:22 DevilsDragon Welcome to Devils Dragon

Welcome to Devils Dragon
What is Devil´s Dragon?
The DEVIL´S DRAGON TOKEN (DDGN) is not only a reflection of a practical society that is uniquely designed to sustain peer-to-peer (P2P) engagement or a simple Token enhanced by the ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain, which enables the development of Decentralised Applications (DApp) that enable transactions to sell, exchange, and trade, it is also a unique multi-use cryptocurrency with many active sites.
Whitepaper: https://www.devilsdragon.com/whitepaper.pdf Website: https://www.devilsdragon.com
(ICO Information / Token Economics)
Token name: DEVIL´S DRAGON Token symbol: DDGN - Token Supply: 180 000 000 NOT MINTABLE Decimals: 18 Token type: ERC20
PRESALE STARTS: 2020-08-15 00:01 ENDS: 2020-08-31 23:59
Token rate 2000 DDGN = 1 ETH for PRIVATE - PRESALE ONLY, in SALE (ITO) RATE will be: 1000 DDGN = 1 ETH
TIME BONUS for PRESALE ONLY Bonus: 50% Date from 2020-08-15 00:01 Date to 2020-08-31 23:59
Community & News Channels
Telegram Official:http://t.me/devilsdragon_official Twitter:https://twitter.com/dragon_devils Discord:https://discord.gg/xCwyntG Reddit:https://www.reddit.com/useDevilsDragon Medium:https://medium.com/@devilsdragon_official Bitcointalk: Coming Soon!
For any kind of business, purpose email us: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
A few of the sites accessible via DDGN are: (Warning, some of them may involve adult material) www.leons.tv www.socialmediacelebs.com www.mywhitewhale.com www.pantyhoseacademy.com

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2016.10.06 20:45 chronus13 /r/WiiU Modpost October 2016

Ahoy gang, chronus13 here.
Welcome once again to another /WiiU modpost, where we will talk about the subreddit in general and about future plans and other Wii U happenings.

Weekly Threads and our goals

Our team has been discussing the community involvement regarding the various weekly threads (Recommendations, Kickstarter talk, and Game Days) we've been generating. Many of these threads receive positive acknowledgement (upvotes) from the community however, participation remains rather low.
We would still like to hear from all of you about what you would like to see from these threads that might stimulate your own participation in them. We know the life cycle of the Wii U has been well underway however we would like to keep those of you that are subscribed to /WiiU as engaged as often as possible but we feel more feedback would be welcomed to make /WiiU's weekly threads more interesting to each of you. Don't be shy and please let us know down in the comment section.

In case you missed it!

[email protected]/WiiU still rolling on!

Our official /WiiU Twitter has been getting news out there but also creating a bond with various indie developers through our growing AMA program, which we've dubbed [email protected]/WiiU.
Since our last Modpost, in September, we had four sets of guests featured in Nintendo's #Nindies Summer Jam lineup:
  • Thomas Happ Games' Thomas Happ, sole developer of the widely acclaimed metroidvania-styled game, Axiom Verge, and gaming industry giant, Dan Adleman took a few hours of their exceptionally busy schedule to come by for an AMA with us to talk about the various challenges behind Axiom Verge, including Nintendo's denial of a Samus cameo, among other things.
  • William Dubé and Rodrigue Duperron, from Thunder Lotus Games, stormed on in for an AMA to talk about their beautifully hand-drawn action exploration game set in Norse mythology, Jotun: Valhalla Edition,
  • Joakim Sandberg a.k.a. konjak, developer of the recently released Noitu Love: Devolution along with his publisher, Mathias Kærlev of MP2 Games visited for an AMA to discuss their creation/Wii U port of the classic fast-paced arcade-like game.
  • DrinkBox Studios team members Graham Smith (Co-foundeProduction), Chris McQuinn (Design/PR), David Rusak (Design/Production) chatted with us in their AMA about the long awaited Wii U (soon-to-be available on the 3DS with crossbuy!) port of Severed, the nightmarish action adventure RPG that utilizes swipe-based touch controls.
Upcoming AMAs:
  • Monday, October 10 @ 5PM Jason and Nicole Stark, the folks at Disparity Games, will be joining us for an AMA centered around their long awaited kickstarter project, Ninja Pizza Girl, which is now available on the NA eShop.
Coming Soon
  • We're currently in talks with SteamWorld Heist's developers, Image & Form will update the sidebar as soon as we confirm a time and date for their AMA.
  • We will also continue to reach out to more of the developers featured the previous Nindies Summer Jam lineup, allowing our community and the wonderfully creative folks behind all the great independent games we've come to know and love to build a personal connection via future AMA events. As always, be sure to keep an eye out for what else we will have in store this month by checking out the sidebar!
P.S. Only upvoting during an AMA is NOT as exciting as questions to the developers. Remember AMA = Ask Me Anything and they would love to hear what you want to know about them and their games.
Don't forget to check out our Developer AMA Archive!
More resources are placed into reaching out to various other developers, so expect more to come!
If you're a developer and would like to host an AMA, then please contact us through a mod message or our Twitter and we'll happily assist you!

Game Days

Game Days continue rolling along! Gaming events will be posted on the sidebar and in the announcement section below the banner when they are coming up. All times are in Eastern Time!
For those unaware, game days used to be a day (mostly weekends) where we select a multiplayer game to play together. Users were also able to use our CyTube to chat/listen/watch videos together.
Last month we had a huge focus on Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U with 4 weeks of tournaments, along with prizes that were given out at each event. We'd like to thank everyone that turned out for those tournaments. We hope everyone had a good time.
This month's Game Day schedule is as follows:
  • Runbow: October 8 between 3PM - 7PM
  • Mario Kart 8 tournament: October 15 between 3PM - 6PM
  • Super Smash Bros. "Random" Tourney: October 22 (Runtime TBD)
  • Super Mario Maker "Spooky course builds" weekend: October 29 -31 (3 days)

Don't forget Discord!

Did you know /WiiU has its own Discord Server?
Now what is Discord you may ask? Well, it's a program where you can both text chat and voice chat with others. For free.
The program can be used in your browser directly or installed to your computer and phone. Discord is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Opera if you do not wish to download the program. It is also compatible with Windows and OSX if you want to install the app. Discord is also compatible with Android and iPhones if you wish to bring Discord on the go.
Our Discord room has a main text chat room where you are free to chat and a main voice chat room. We then have several other voice chat rooms categorized for different games. Remember to stay nice to each other and do report any users who do not follow our guidelines in /WiiU. You can do so by sending us a mod mail. Proof will be highly appreciated.
We plan to use Discord in our future game nights and events. You can also find a link to our Discord in the sidebar under "External Links".

/WiiU's Wiki Resources + Weekly Question Thread

We see a lot of questions in our sub where most of them could be easily solved by having a look into our wiki or by using the search function.
Our wiki includes:

We suggest you contact Nintendo's Support for any bigger issues with your hardware/software at:

  • 1-800-255-3700 (US)
  • +44 (0)345 60 50 247 (Europe)
  • +61 3 9730 9900 (Australia)
  • +81-75-662-9600 (Japan)
Just another reminder, the Weekly Question Thread goes up every Monday.
Rather than give them a one-off "lrn2read sidebar nub", just kindly direct them to our WIKI or Question Thread, send in a report labelled "Question Thread", and we'll handle it from there. You can always click the "hide" button under each thread once you've reported it to us. Useful for those who do not wish to see questions. Sadly, it's a very common occurrence where people seem to not realize the vast amount of resources we have available, but we need to do the best we can in ensuring that we don't present a barrier to their experience.
As for newcomers that may be here now, please familiarize yourself with our subreddit guidelines, as well as the WIKI and search function for any help that you may need. Also, don't be shy to participate in various threads.
Needless to say, I'm counting on the veterans and newcomers alike to actually commune with each other.


That's all I have for you this time around.
If you have any questions or concerns, then please leave some comments down below and the modteam will swoop down and answer it to the best of our ability.
Be excellent to each other, and take care!
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