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LGBT Friendly Therapists in the Denver area

2020.09.28 15:29 lesbian_couples_inst LGBT Friendly Therapists in the Denver area

LGBT Friendly Therapists in the Denver area
Lynda Spann, PhD, LMFT, Founder of the Lesbian Couples Institute
Lynda was thrilled to open the Lesbian Couples Institute in Denver, CO in 2018 because she is passionate about helping lesbian couples solve their problems in a completely safe environment. Finding hope and crafting solutions are two of Lynda’s superpowers.
Lynda really gets how damaging it can be to work with a poorly skilled couples counselor. Or worse yet, to end up with a marriage therapist that doesn’t truly understand lesbian relationship challenges and solutions.
The way Lynda works with couples is different than most counselors. And she’s not for everybody. She’ll probably never ask you “How does that feel?” What she will do is get you and your partner talking to each other. Really talking. And she’ll equip you with the skills and tools you need to finally fix the negative patterns you’re stuck in.
No matter whether you’re struggling with a heartbreaking affair, communication bankruptcy, loneliness, or ridiculous arguments, Lynda can help. Call her today if:
  • You’re waking up feeling hopeless about your relationship
  • You or your partner isn’t in love anymore
  • You want to save your relationship, but she’s not sure she wants to
  • You’ve tried other therapists and they haven’t worked (either because they didn’t understand the two-women-in-a-relationship thing or because nothing changed)
  • You want simple, elegant solutions that will save you a lot of heartache
Lisa Yaeger, LPC
Lisa is a gifted therapist. She’s equally comfortable doing couples counseling or individual therapy with LGBTQ clients. She loves helping lesbian, bi, queer, and trans women, as well as straight people, have less stress, anxiety, emotional pain and relationship angst.
Lisa’s empathy is off the charts. And she has a knack for helping you identify the hurts from your past that are tripping you up in your relationship. Better yet, Lisa knows exactly how to help you deal with those memories once and for all.
The combination of Lisa’s graduate degree in counseling, 20+ years of doing therapy, specialized training in couples counseling (PACT), EMDR, and yoga therapy certification give her a unique and tremendous skill set to help women have successful lives and thriving relationships.
Whether you’ve recently fallen in love with a woman for the first time, or you’re a seasoned lesbian, Lisa would love to help you find the place of calm that you long for.
Lisa can work with you individually if you need some help becoming the best version of yourself. Or she can do couples counseling with you and your partner.
Click here to contact.
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2020.09.28 00:11 sleeuwe Relationship hijacked by traumatized client of more than 10 years

I (M52) was in a relationship with a woman (42) for 3 years and I really believed I would spend the rest of my life with her. She is renting a house and living with her adult daughter and her boyfriend plus her 17 year old son. I have a pretty unconventional lifestyle (vegan, minimalist, organic, no car, etc.) and she expressed a desire to become more environmentally conscious as well. However, her kids were raised pretty standard American and to avoid me feeling too judgemental about the wastefulness, or the kids becoming resentful of me when I am pushing for less wastefulness, we decided to wait to live together on my own property in my own tiny house until her son turns 18 and she will be an empty nester. After having some difficult conversations about this it felt like we were in a good place about it.
In the fall of 2019 my partner, let's call her Ruth, who is a trauma therapist, told me that I should meet her client, let's call her Lisa (42). Lisa had been Ruth's client for more than a decade and Ruth told me that Lisa was the most traumatized person she ever met! Even though Ruth was still Lisa's therapist, they started to hang out together. Ruth and I love going on outdoor adventures and Lisa started to join us on a lot of those trips. At the beginning of covid Lisa was invited to be part of Ruth's family pod, because Lisa didn't have anyone else in town to be close with. Lisa is a therapist herself as well for traumatized kids and Lisa started to hang out at Ruth's house more and more, while I was working my seasonal job with a conflicting work schedule with Ruth's, so Ruth and I didn't have much time together during the work week. I brought up several times that I needed some alone time with Ruth as well and she kept on reassuring me that I was her person and her priority. Ruth also acknowledged that Lisa was too dependent on her and that the dynamic between them wasn't particularly healthy (Lisa has Ruth saved as "mom" in her contacts). I believe that Lisa is completely in love with Ruth and wants to use Ruth as an example of a good human being to model her life after, after all the traumatic experiences she has had.
In the meantime Ruth was a bit freaked out at the beginning of covid and decided to buy a handgun for protection. She talked about that with Lisa, but didn't bring it up with me until she had bought the gun already. This was an indication that Lisa was becoming more of a partner to Ruth than me.
Because Ruth realized that the situation with Lisa was becoming unethical, she decided to officially stop being Lisa's therapist, although she still counseled Lisa unofficially for at least a couple of hours every week. Ruth was compensated for that by Lisa helping out in the household and buying groceries for the family. Sometime last June Lisa started renting a room in the house, although she still kept her own place too (only because she had a dog there). I slowly became more and more frustrated with feeling like a third wheel in this situation.
In July we went with the 3 of us on a backpacking trip. On the drive down small things kept on happening that made me feel more and more excluded, which made me somewhat irritable. This irritability caused an argument on this trip twice, during which I blamed Ruth for something pretty minor. This made her feel attacked and unsafe, mostly because of her own trauma background (she was in an abusive relationship with her ex for 20 years). At night, Ruth checked in with Lisa and they talked privately for a while, after which Ruth came into my tent. We processed the whole night and made some progress, even though I was shocked at some of the things she said to me. For example, she told me that she started drinking more after I once mentioned carefully that she might consider drinking a little less, but she just kept it hidden from me instead. It sounded like she was already not feeling safe with me for quite a while, even though less than a week before the fateful incident she told me that she was very happy to be with somebody who communicates well and is safe. After a night of processing she said she wasn't ready to break up with me yet. However, we had to invite Lisa into the tent and tell her what happened. As soon as Lisa came in she started calling me names right away (shamer, blamer, abuser, domestic violence perpetrator, narcissist and somebody who doesn't care one iota about other people's feelings). When I tried to respond I got shut down with remarks like "you can't claim ignorance as an excuse" and "you don't get to defend yourself, that is what all abusers do to deflect". Even though Ruth had just expressed to me that she wasn't ready to break up with me, she immediately fell in line with Lisa's way of thinking. It felt like an abusive ganging up on me (and that by 2 professional trauma therapists!): I was completely prevented from saying anything in my defense, while I was told in no uncertain terms that I am an incorrigible abuser who is doomed to a life of intense therapy to even have a chance to become a better human being. The conclusion was drawn and there was no space to create any other perspective on the situation than through the lens of trauma prevention and abuse, which means getting rid of me as soon as possible and not uttering another word to me on the long drive home, because suddenly I am not a safe person anymore. I suddenly had become Ruth's abusive ex.
The next day I received an email from Ruth stating that I can't contact her in any form, ever. If I do, they would file a restraining order against me. I do believe that this is mostly Lisa's sentiment. Ruth and I seriously never had an argument before this happened and I felt completely solid in the relationship. In June of 2019, Ruth came with me to The Netherlands for a 2.5 week visit at my parent's expense to say goodbye to my dying mother. I felt so supported by her and everybody loved her. She said goodbye to my mother with tears in her eyes and promised my mother she would take care of me.
This break up happened in the second half of July. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that 2 such minor incidents caused such a severe punishment. I am still in denial and completely heartbroken. Ruth's brother and his girlfriend did reach out to me about a week after the incident via text and told me they didn't believe that I am an abuser and asked me what happened. I sent them a long email with my explanation of what happened and expressed my concern about Lisa's influence on Ruth. Ruth's mother read that email as well. About a week later I was going to meet in a park with the 3 of them (mother, brother and brother's girlfriend) to talk more about what happened and the dynamic at play between Ruth and Lisa. However, somehow Ruth must have heard about that plan and decided to cut them out of her life as well, after which the family decided to stop communicating with me.
Even after all this, I am still completely in love with Ruth and keep on hoping that she will come to realize that she treated me poorly and will want me back. Is this unreasonable, especially given the fact that Lisa and Ruth might now not just be emotional partners, but sexual partners as well? Given the fact that Ruth and Lisa are professional therapists, did they step completely out of line with allowing their relationship to develop like this? If so, do I have an obligation to bring them to the therapists ethics board, even though I have no desire to create more problems in Ruth's life (and I do believe she actually is a good therapist) and I firmly believe that Lisa is not malicious, but just acting from her damage? I feel like I want to force a family intervention, but I guess it is really not my place to do that.
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2020.09.26 18:43 Jazzyy_ Best savings account for 10k right now?

21F trying to find the best place to put 10k to get the highest interest.
Sorry if this has been posted loads already but I’m aware that many accounts have had changes made to them so I wanted to make sure I make the right choices for current times.
Separate to the 10k, I have nearly £6,000 saved in a HTB (will probably be switching to a LISA fyi) and around £5,500 in NatWest savings account with 0.75% interest.
I’m hoping to buy a house in 1.5-2 years with my partner. The the money will likely go towards that but I’m not in a rush to use it until I need to. I’ve also been super saving for the last couple of months and intend to carry on until we have enough to buy a house and everything that goes along with it.
I’ve had a look at the flowchart so I know I need to build an emergency fund and also find the highest paying savings account for my money. I don’t really know how to go about it though.
Should I take the emergency fund from the 10k and put it in a separate account? Or should it all go in one place?
What are the highest paying savings account at times like this with my situation in mind?
Sorry if these are silly questions, I’m still learning about finance and just need some guidance as I’m a bit stuck on the logistics of it all. Thank you :)
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2020.09.26 12:27 just-doit_ Best place to put cash when access is needed in 3-4 years?

23 M here. Good morning all, just seeking some advice . I have £20,000 in the bank and will be saving a further £2,000 a month for a property in 3-4 years time. I was wondering what you all would consider the best place the store this cash knowing I will need access to it in 3-4 years?
I know this is an awful amount of money to deposit towards a house (Projected over £100,000) But me and my partner have very ambitious plans for a nice sized house and wish to do a rather large DIY project so will need a lot of bank to A) Put a deposit down on a £350,000 - £450,000 house and B) Have funds for said project ; buying a sizeable house that needs a lot of work doing , building a summer house, etc etc. My partner will be putting far less of a deposit contribution (around £20,000) But I will make sure my investment is protected with a deed of good will.
So, back to my original question, where best to put these funds? My £20,000 is just about to be withdrawn from a RCI 1.4% fixed rate short notice account, I already max out my LISA each year and have a couple of good interest rate bank account offers (2% and 2.75%, max £250 month payments each). I don't know stocks and shares half as well of most of you on here will, I currently have £5,000 in Global All Cap Vanguard and that is about it. Any advice as to where to put my £20,000 cash and my £2,000 a month I am saving (£500 of which is allocated to the above savings accounts) is much appreciated. The £2,000 a month saving could well rise to 2.5 - 3 over the coming yer. Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a great weekend all :)
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2020.09.26 11:47 just-doit_ Best place to put money if access is needed in 3-4years?

23 M here. Good morning all, just seeking some advice . I have £20,000 in the bank and will be saving a further £2,000 a month for a property in 3-4 years time. I was wondering what you all would consider the best place the store this cash knowing I will need access to it in 3-4 years?

I know this is an awful amount of money to deposit towards a house (Projected over £100,000) But me and my partner have very ambitious plans for a nice sized house and wish to do a rather large DIY project so will need a lot of bank to A) Put a deposit down on a £350,000 - £450,000 house and B) Have funds for said project ; buying a sizeable house that needs a lot of work doing , building a summer house, etc etc. My partner will be putting far less of a deposit contribution (around £20,000) But I will make sure my investment is protected with a deed of good will.

So, back to my original question, where best to put these funds? My £20,000 is just about to be withdrawn from a RCI 1.4% fixed rate short notice account, I already max out my LISA each year and have a couple of good interest rate bank account offers (2% and 2.75%, max £250 month payments each). I don't know stocks and shares half as well of most of you on here will, I currently have £5,000 in Global All Cap Vanguard and that is about it. Any advice as to where to put my £20,000 cash and my £2,000 a month I am saving (£500 of which is allocated to the above savings accounts) is much appreciated. The £2,000 a month saving could well rise to 2.5 - 3 over the coming yer. Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a great weekend all :)
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2020.09.26 02:11 MonaLisa1992 (F4A) Lots to pick from!

Hey there!
I'm Moth, and I'm a 27 year old woman in the western United States. Besides hiking, hanging out with my dog, and being practically married to my job, writing is what takes up most of my free time!
What you can expect from me:
I am a constant force, for starters. My long-term partner has been RPing with me for over ten years, and another one had been writing with me for six. I reply at least once daily, sometimes more, but occasionally things come up and it might take me a few days! That being said, I can do some lengthy posts (5-8 paragraphs is the norm), but I also see quality in shorter ones, too. It all depends on the story and what's currently going on.
What I'd like to see from you...
I'm seeking a long-term roleplay partner who can enjoy the same things as me. Pretty basic, right? Self-growth is important; we never stop learning something new. I'm also down to join groups. I'd need you to be 21+. I like some OOC chatter here and there. Make sure you mention the word ‘purple’ when you contact me regarding RPing so I know you read all of this. Most importantly, please be willing to discuss ideas and communicate what's working and what isn't. We need to both be having fun, and negotiating how to do that is part of the game.
What am I interested in?
Timeline: I love 20th century history to modern day settings. Learning about a different point in history and navigating how people were similar or different from us in those times? Right up my alley! Modern times are just as fun, too.
Plots: I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to plots. I value character development over action and adventure. I'm just as interested in the interactions between two characters painting a house as much as in a gunfight.
Relationships: Romance is something I love to do! I'm more of a MxF or FxF fan. I also love focusing on other types of relationships. Platonic, family interactions, groups of friends, the works.
Characters: I don't do canon characters. Nothing against them, but not my preference! I am someone who strictly abides to OCs and I have an arsenal of ideas for the people I'd like to play, from kids obsessed with birds, teenagers breaking into independence, young adults juggling their careers, to elderly women with vendettas.
What's interesting to me lately?
(Italics mean I'm super excited for it!)
Currently very interested in a platonic plot that incorporates adoption or foster care!
Prohibition era adventures - Family drama - Coming of age - growing pains - Small town secrets - Found family - A gang of misfits - Haunted houses - Adoption/Foster care - Ranch life - Triumphing against the odds - Animals - Character growth - Quirky hometown citizens - Upmarket literary themes - Drastic life changes - Parent/child dynamics - Hallmark storylines - Paranormal - A group of coworkers - A workplace becoming home - WW2
What I don't like...
Heavy/moderate fantasy - Medieval - Heavy/moderate sci-fi - Killing the dog
Some movies and shows I like…
TV shows: Bomb Girls, The Crown, Derry Girls, Man In The High Castle, The Office, Parks and Rec, That 70s Show, This Is Us, The Haunting of Hill House, Stranger Things, Anne With An E, Strange Empire, Call The Midwife, X Files
Movies: Mona Lisa Smile, Tell It To The Bees, The Secret Life of Bees, A Quiet Place, Strange Weather, Pride and Prejudice, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, Nacho Libre, Fried Green Tomatoes, anything with Julia Roberts in it
Books: The Glass Castle, The Poisonwood Bible, The Book of Ruth, Empire Girls, Flipped, Rules, The Liars Club, The Flood Girls, Stargirl, anything by Jeannette Walls, Where The Crawdads Sing
Anything else?
Just ask! I'm totally willing to see what we can build together.​
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2020.09.26 01:59 delta-201 [Melas] - Chapter 61: Saved and Spent

A young woman finds herself dead and is given the chance to reincarnate in another world with cheat-like magic powers. She accepts, only to find that the world treats magic users the same way ours did— by hunting them down and killing them for heresy.
My name is MELAS?! As in Salem backwards? Oh my God, and my mother is a Witch. I am SO going to be burned at the stake!
[Previous Chapter] [Chapter 1] [Cover Art] [RoyalRoad Index and Synopsis] [Patreon] Tags: Isekai/Reincarnation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Weak-To-Strong Protagonist, Female Protagonist

Water, earth, fire, fire, air, earth, fire, air.
Earth, air, fire, air, fire, water, earth.
Water, fire, air, water.
I glanced down at the final combination of symbols; it was not a common sight to see water paired with fire, since the two were supposed to be diametrically opposed in their real elemental forms. But this was simply a representation— the symbols were named as such because they roughly resembled the elements, however they were not the direct equivalence of said elements.
The theory behind these symbols was a result of complex observations, with its origins stemming from the Great Hero Xander himself. There were basic fundamental rules to creating working runes to draw the power out of a mana crystal— such as how increasingly complex polygons made out of the fire symbol would generally increase the energy drawn from the mana crystal— yet it was entirely possible to create a brand new, working rune out of a random shape with an arbitrary arrangement of the symbols.
So far, I had been making simple shapes: ones that had been studied thoroughly and was good for training, but had little practical use for real mana tools. It was like learning calculus as a mathematics major hoping to pursue a Doctorate in Mathematics in the future— I had a long way to go before I could create the kinds of tools my Dwarven companion did.
I was diligent, but I was not a genius.
I picked the piece of paper up, and inspected it carefully; there were no mistakes that I could see, which instilled in me a sense of accomplishment. I proudly laid the sheet back down onto the table, admiring my work for just a moment longer.
Then the door to the room swung open, and I craned my neck away from the paper lain on the desk to see Gennady enter the room. The rotund man strutted in, his heavy footfalls thumping on the hard wooden floor as he lifted his hood.
“Welcome back,” I greeted him, standing up and stretching my back after being seated for over an hour.
“Ya are one studious kid, you know that right?” he commented as he peered over my shoulder. “Good job. You got everything right this time.”
I was just about to grin in response when the Dwarf smacked me across the back. Ouch, still not used to that. I rubbed the spot and the light sting quickly went away. Then I finally asked the question that had been in my mind.
“So,” I started, “how did it go?”
“Other than the fact that I had to keep even lower than I usually am? Pretty damned good if I had to say so myself.”
He placed both hands on his bed, and hefted himself up onto it; he pulled out a small metallic flask and drank from it.
“I managed to speak to a few guys, and they said they could arrange a meeting between us and these two smugglers. They’re one of the best in the city.”
I lifted an eyebrow, and tilted my head to the side. “Are they trustworthy though?” I asked. “That’s more important than how good they are at their job. They could be amazing, but if they betray us, it doesn’t matter.”
The Dwarf furrowed his brows, and sighed. “Lass, has anyone ever told you that you are sometimes very paranoid?”
“What’s wrong with erring on the side of caution?”
“Nothing.” He shook his head and stood up. “I hear that they’ve never failed a job. But the thing is, they’re used to smuggling goods out and into the city, not people. There isn’t much illegal slave trafficking coming out of Luke by sea, and people who try to flee the country generally do so through land by the southern border.” He took another swig of his alcohol.
“Good,” I said, nodding curtly. “I prefer it that way. I’d rather not deal with slavers or people who aid slavers. It just doesn’t sit well with me.”
“Because it’s illegal?”
“Because it’s evil,” I corrected the Dwarf, before changing topics. “So, where will we be meeting these smugglers?”
“They have a hideout in a tavern near the docks. That’s on the northern side of the harbor, so we won’t have to worry about running into too much trouble, I hope.”
Right, trouble, I thought, remembering the reason why Gennady had to wear that cloak over his head, and I was staying in the inn by myself: there were very angry sailors on the lookout for us— as confirmed by Gennady— after the incident at the main pier area a few days ago. And it did not help that we tricked the guards to buy us some time so we could escape.
Were we wanted by the guards for tricking them? Probably not. However, picking a fight with dozens of sailors was probably against some law in Laxis, which meant that the city guards were keeping at least one eye out for us; we were not criminals, but there was most definitely a hefty fine we had to pay for partaking in a brawl.
Gennady wanted to avoid paying it if we could, and I did not disagree with that sentiment. So due to both those reasons, we were keeping on the down low while searching for a way out of this city.
I walked over to the closet, and pulled out my ‘Aria’ disguise. “Well then, let’s get going,” I said to the Dwarf.
He frowned, scratching his scruffy beard. “Right now?” he asked. “I arranged a meeting for tonight.”
“We want to scout out the place first, of course,” I replied casually, taking off my pointed hat. “Plus, I’m sick and tired of being locked up in this room. Maybe I can look around for anything I might want to buy in the market. You’ve bought your Superior mana crystals, well I want something of my own too.”
“Aight, if that’s what you want.” Gennady gave a noncommittal shrug.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me,” I said, gesturing at the door. “Could you please get out?” I held my change of clothes up, indicating I needed some privacy.
“Right.” He hurriedly left the room.

I carefully inspected the array of mana crystals before me, reaching for one that was about the size of my hand and held it up against the lamplight. The blue-green gemstone glimmered, reflecting the shine into my eyes; it was bright.
I had read in A Tinkerer's Guide— one of the books Gennady had loaned me— that mana crystals of higher quality had highly reflective surfaces whereas lower quality mana crystals did not. This was due to the difference in the mana density inside each crystal, with an increase in mana leading to a more opaque body that allows less light to pass through. And yet, it was easy to mistake the light refracting through a translucent mana crystal as light being reflected on its surface, which often caused many without a discerning enough eye to be scammed out of their silver or gold.
I squinted, making a hole with my fingers and looking through it as though it would help me see better; it did, but by a small margin. I was almost certain that this mana crystal was worth its price— it was a Lesser mana crystal of ostensibly high quality costing 6 gold coins: that seemed like a steal to me.
“Hey Gennady,” I called out to my Dwarven companion. “Is this one any good?”
“That?” He frowned, and took the mana crystal out of my hand; he scrutinized it for a moment, then waved his hand dismissively. “Bah, it’s only a Lesser, and it’s barely above average. Maybe for its price it’s good, but otherwise I wouldn’t buy it.”
I nodded. “Thanks,” I said, and turned to the store owner. “I’ll take it.”
The woman smiled eagerly, rubbing her hands together as I completed the transaction; I managed to haggle the price down to 5 gold and 10 silver— it was only a two silver discount, but that was worth over a dozen meals, or a few nights in most regular inns.
I returned to Gennady as he crossed his thick arms over his broad chest; I inclined my head to the side. “What?” I asked.
“I told you not to buy it— it wasn’t even a good,” he said.
“Are you saying it’s not good because it’s not a Superior mana crystal, or are you saying it’s not good because I was scammed out of my money?”
“Well, uh, it’s...” the Dwarf stammered, scratching the side of his beard. “I was more leaning towards the former,” he finally said.
“Exactly.” I smiled, and placed a hand on his right shoulder. “I got it because it was what I was looking for, and you told me it’s good for its price. I was taking your advice, don’t worry.”
“But if you’re planning on getting a mana crystal to practice with, you should at least start with Inferiors, not Lessers,” he objected.
“I’m not planning on using this just yet,” I said, placing the blue-green gemstone into a small pouch, and tying it closed. I attached it to my leather belt, and strolled past Gennady. “It’s not for practice now. It’s for when we’re at sea and I’ve already mastered working on Inferiors. I’m planning ahead.” I gestured for him. “Come on,” I said, “let’s get going. We don’t want to be late.”
We left the shop and headed towards the docks; we passed by ships that were not currently being used— many of them looked as though they had been left in disrepair for months— while others seemed as though they were having improvements added onto them. It was mostly empty of life however, since it was evening, and the little noise we heard came from the nearby bars, taverns, or inns which were beginning to teem with life at the end of twilight.
I followed Gennady as we made our way through the cobble street, finally stopping a block away from our destination. “There it is,” he said. “The Merlion’s Alcove.”
I glanced at the small, wooden building; it was a much more subdued tavern than the ones we had seen on the way here, yet there were clearly suspicious people making their way for this spot. With a name like that and with people as shady as this, you really can’t be more obvious that this is a cover!
“Let’s take a look around,” I said.
We spent the next hour loitering around the area; the brilliant vermillion sunset was covered over by the thick, dark clouds before it had fully disappeared beyond the horizon, and a light pattering of rain began to fall upon us.
The drizzle slowly got heavier and heavier, and when it looked as though it would turn into a full-blown storm; Gennady and I had seen nothing indicating that we would run into any trouble in the tavern, so we decided to finally enter the tavern.
The double doors swung open with a hard push, as the bottom of the wood frame scratched across the floor. The tavern, which didn’t seem lively from the outside, actually had some minor activity on the inside; the thick walls must have prevented noise from leaking out, which led to my earlier assumption.
Regardless, it was almost evidently a facade: the bards playing in the corner evoked too large of a reaction from the early night crowd, and the boisterous laughter of sober men as they chatted only made the scene all-the-more jarring. I made sure to keep my hood up as a few faces inconspicuously eyed Gennady and I from their seats.
The Dwarf waded his way straight to the bar, plopping himself on one of their stools as his hood fell off his head. I wanted to throw it right back on, but it was already too late; the barkeep looked over him once over and nodded.
“What do you want?”
Gennady grinned in response, gesturing past the barkeep. “I want your best whiskey in the house— no, the cellar. And add in a nice strawberry on top. With one of those little pink umbrellas. Make sure to mix it with a good dose of nylos, I want it as bitter as possible.”
The barkeep raised an eyebrow, and slowly said, “That’s… a long way to order our special drink. But I do believe that’s not a problem.” He lifted the small wooden barrier separating us from the bar counter, and ushered us towards a door. “You can find someone able to set you up with your drink inside,” he said.
“Thanks, lad.”
Gennady stepped in first, almost too nonchalantly, as I kept two paces behind him. Isn’t he worried at all? I thought, narrowing my eyes.
We entered a dimly lit hallway, leading to a kitchen with cooks busy preparing more meals than they should have; a roughly dressed man stopped us in the middle of the corridor, and folded his arms. “What are you looking for, Dwarf?”
“Just a Merlion’s special— a nice bitter drink from below.”
The man seemed to accept Gennady’s answer, and he gestured for us to follow him. He led us into a corner of the kitchen, and opened up what appeared to be a cellar door. He lifted the latch, revealing a stairway leading down into a hidden basement.
“There’s only one rule down there, and it’s ‘don’t cause any trouble’, got it?”
“‘Course,” Gennady said, nodding. The man seemed unconvinced until Gennady nudged me.
“Oh— yeah.” I nodded curtly, catching myself from stumbling over my words.
With my affirmation, the man stepped aside and let us enter; we went down the stairs— it wasn’t a long way down, only two flights at most— and reached a doorway. It was far easier to open than the front door of the Merlion’s Alcove, probably because they didn’t worry as much about noise escaping due to the rambunctious cover they had at the top.
I found my nose wrinkling as the door opened; an eclectic of scents ranging from food, to drinks, to drugs, to sex wafted in my direction, with an incredibly pungent smell leading the assault. I reached up to pinch my nose to protect it from the terrible stench, but only heard the clacking of my gloved nails striking my mask.
I cast my gaze around the room and was greeted by a far more naturally raucous crowd than before, with many of the individuals in it partaking in illicit activities. In addition to being set up like a regular tavern with tables and chairs strewn about with men and women consuming various foods and drinks, there were also various other forms of… entertainment available here.
There were men lounging in violet couches creased with golden lines at its edges, indulging in various kinds of substances: I recognized the smell and smoke of tobacco coming from most of these men, yet a few of them inhaled a colorless gas from a pipe which a hunch told me was the source of the pungent smell.
There was also a gambling area set up in the corner of the room, with scantily dressed women serving alcoholic beverages to the men dressed in robes playing with their gold and silver. While this might not seem like an unusual sight, it was, in fact, quite an uncommon one here in Laxis due to the laws banning any acts of gambling.
I conveniently ignored the corner of the room where moans and grunts were coming from, and followed Gennady as he strode through the room without even blinking. I stepped up beside him, and spoke quietly.
“Do you go to places like this often?”
“Yes,” he said, continuing past a table of where an argument just broke out. A man stood up to throw a punch, and bouncers immediately swarmed him and dragged him out of the room. Gennady didn’t bat an eye. “But not for any of the reasons most come here for.
“Ever since I left the Taw Kingdom, I’ve been trying to widen my worldview. They thought I was crazy, but they also praised me as their best, and at the time, I thought that was a compliment. But when they went ahead with replacing me with that Scientist from Xan? I realized perhaps they truly thought me mad.”
“Didn’t you say that your King pleaded for you to stay?” I asked, cocking my head.
“He did.” Gennady nodded as he sat at the now vacated table. “Him and half of the other Dwarves I knew. But the other half? They’re glad I’m gone, and they’re willing to embrace that madman Bertrand to get it.”
I pulled out the chair opposite to him, and took a seat as well. “And what exactly have you been doing to… widen your worldview?”
“For starters,” he said leaning in, “I learned magic.”
I frowned. “What does that have to do with any of this?”
“Magic itself is against the law. Even in the criminal world, it’s not exactly commonplace to find a spellcaster. But that’s the only place you can find spellcasters. The Dark Crusaders have many connections in the underground, and that’s how I first contacted them.”
I drew in a sharp breath, and remembered why I had good reason to not fully trust Gennady just yet; I did not know what his motives were— he told me he just wanted to help me out and return to his Kingdom because of the Abominations, but how much of that was true? What if he was fully aligned with the Dark Crusaders? Could this have all been a trap for me because I killed Victor—
A voice broke me out of my thoughts, stifling my paranoia for just a moment. “Ah, I was told to expect a rather rotund looking man tonight, but I never suspected it to be a Dwarf.”
A rough, older looking man approached the table accompanied by a delicate, young woman. The juxtaposition between the two was immediately visible; the man was dressed in rough leather clothing, giving his already tough exterior emphasized by his scowl an even more weathered look. Meanwhile, the young woman wore more of the fashion I had seen in Laxis, wearing pure, white robes that covered everything but her smiling face. Looking between the two was like looking between the fragile bud of a flower and its sharp thorns.
“Oh, uh, Mr Jack and Ms Lisa?” Gennady greeted them.
“No need for formalities, Dwarf. Hearing it from your kind just doesn’t sound right. I’m assuming you’re Gen?”
“Yes, and this is my companion, Aria.”
I nodded my head slightly at the two smugglers. Jack ignored it, and joined our table without any invitation by taking a seat and throwing his feet up onto the table.
“So,” he started, “what do you two want?”
“We heard you two are the best smugglers in all of Laxis, and we’d like your help to get us out of this city.”
“We don’t smuggle people, Dwarf. It’s too hard, and if you’re wanted by one of the gangs or pirates here, we’d be burning a lot of bridges.”
“Of course. But that’s not a problem with us,” Gennady said, waving a hand dismissively. “We arrived in Luke just the other day. Ain’t got problems with any of the groups in the city.”
“A few days is a lot of time.” Jack stared at us as his brows arched darkly over his forehead. “Or did you think I didn’t hear about what you did at the harbor just the other day?”
I saw Gennady gulp, hesitating.
“That was a minor incident,” he said. Then he glanced down at the table. “Y’know, we haven’t even had anything to drink just yet.” He turned to a passing server and waved them down. “Get me and this lad a drink—”
“I’m not a lad, Dwarf,” Jack spat, cutting him off. “And I don’t have time for this. We’ll be leaving—”
“I think we should at least stay for a bit, Jack,” a soft voice spoke over him. Lisa glanced at her companion with her smile still plastered onto her face. “It would not be wise to turn down a free meal.”
The man hesitated, eyes darting between Lisa and Gennady, then he acquiesced. “Fine,” he said. “But I’m only staying because you asked me to, Lisa. The Dwarf better not get his hopes up that we’ll do this job for him.”
“Hah,” Gennady laughed, “is that a challenge? Ye don’t know how friendly us Dwarves get over drinks.”
“I know all too well, little man.”
Gennady ignored the provocation; he continued his negotiation with Jack as drinks were served to the table. I just sat in my chair, neither contributing to the conversation nor consuming any of the beverages in front of me.
I watched on as both men got drunker and drunker, while the young woman simply sat there, sipping on a glass of wine. I would have thought that getting inebriated would make Jack more amicable to striking up a deal, but it seemed to have only affirmed his resolve.
“—I don’t care about who you are or if you’re a damned Hunter or the King of this country. I told you, I’m not bringing you to that damned Dwarven Kingdom!”
“C’mon, lad—”
“Don’t call me that! The only reason I’m sitting here, listening to you yap your mouth off is because my partner of six years— who usually has a good intuition— thinks you would be worth our time! But now I’m starting to doubt that even is the case anymore.”
Gennady sighed, taking a swig of ale. “Listen,” he said, slamming the mug down. “I can offer you twice whatever the usual cost you charge for smuggling goods our size over the same distance we’re asking you. In fact, you don’t even have to bring us all the way to Taw— you can stop at Puer… no, before Puer, and we can depart from there. I’ll even throw in a good enchanted sword to replace that rusty, old blade there.” He pointed a tired arm at the man’s waist.
Jack’s eyes flashed, looking down at his sword. I looked at his furious gaze, and I also remembered Gennady’s talk of a Dwarf’s craft; I could almost predict what would happen next.
And I did not like it one bit.
The smuggler opened his mouth, spit already coming out—
“You boys are intolerable,” Lisa said, cutting him off once again. This time, Jack looked irritated at his partner’s casual interruption of when he was speaking. But she ignored him, and stared at me. “You haven’t spoken all this time, what do you have to say, little girl?”
I raised an eyebrow at that, but did not comment on how she knew I was a girl. She probably heard about it being mentioned in the same breath as Gennady fighting with sailors in the harbor. A simple extrapolation of events and their associated characters.
“What do you mean by that?” I replied with a question.
“I’m curious,” she said, lowering her wine glass. “You and your companion want to leave this country, and we’re not going to do this for you: what do you have to say?”
“If you reject us, we’ll just have to find others to do this for us.” I shrugged.
“Interesting.” Lisa played with her wine glass, rocking it back and forth on the wooden table, causing a swirl in the lavender liquid inside of it. “And what happens if they all reject you? Suppose we’re the last possible person you could approach to bring us to your destination: what would you do now?”
“Oi, Lisa, what are you doing?” Jack asked, annoyance clearly written across his face.
I peered into the young woman’s eyes, and looked past her smile. “You want us to win you over,” I stated simply.
She did not look away. “...perhaps.”
Gennady, in his drunken stupor, just seemed confused and could not help me. So I drew in a deep breath, and reached for my sides.
“If you were indeed the last people I could approach,” I said softly, “then I would be desperate. If that were the case, I’d offer you this.”
I pulled the coin pouch, slightly loosening its string, and slid it across the table. The yellow glitter of gold coins barely escaped the small opening, but it was enough to get a reaction out of the two.
“A platinum and a half,” I said. “That’s all I have to offer, yet it is more than you’ve made in a job as simple as this, no?”
I saw Jack’s eyes cloud over with greed and Lisa’s smile widen even further. “That is quite the offer,” the young woman commented.
“It is.” I nodded my head.
“We’ll take it—” Jack began, his speech still slightly slurred.
Then I scooped the pouch back up and placed it. “But since this isn’t that kind of a situation, I think my friend and I will be taking our leave.”
“Wait, but…” Jack exchanged a glance with Lisa, and he quickly straightened. His tone of voice changed when he spoke up again. “We’ll do it for… three quarters the price?”
I stood up, but Lisa put up a hand to stop me.
“A half,” she said. “Give us a half of that, and you’ll soon find yourself on a ship heading straight to Jahar’taw.”
I paused to consider this for a second, then I nodded. “Deal.” I brought a hand forward and shook with the young woman.
And with that, it was over. We decided to meet two days from now at the docks, just before dawn. We agreed to pay a tenth of the cost upon our next meeting, and the rest when we arrived in the Taw Kingdom.
Then Lisa grabbed her drunken companion by the arm and left the table. As they did, I could hear Jack whispering angrily at Lisa about how she lowered the price so quickly; he seemed like a man who only cared about money once it was a large enough sum, and I was right.
“Lass, are you sure you should’ve paid them so much?” Gennady quickly asked once they left. “That’s over 70 gold!” he exclaimed.
I rolled my eyes. “I paid you as much just to escort me to Taw, don’t act like it’s a ridiculous sum now that I’m paying someone else the same amount.”
“Well yeah.” The Dwarf scratched the side of his head, frowning. “But you’re paying more than two times what I was offering to pay them. Don’t you think you jumped the gun a bit?”
“No.” I shook my head. “This is the reason why I save my money, Gennady: money is to be spent, and I’m spending it to guarantee my safety. We’re not just buying passage through the sea with that, we’re also buying their loyalty. If they know we can pay them more, they would be all the more incentivized to make sure nothing happens to us.”
“And don’t pretend that I’m paying it all,” I said, cutting him off. “We’ll be splitting the bill since it’s for the both of us.”
Gennady’s jaw dropped.
“That’s just for the payment to go to Taw, not for the drinks tonight. That’s on you.”
After all, while we were both going to Taw together, he was the only one to have consumed all those drinks.
[Next Chapter]

Author's Note:
Not a fan of this chapter. But whatever. Next chapter will be on October 6th, Tuesday. I'm taking a week break to let my RR rewrite catch up. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I want to at least make some money from patreon, y'know?
Thank you all for your support!
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2020.09.23 23:28 Core_Doggo "Da Vinkie?"

Two Caucasian males clad in identical white shirts and sharing the same paintbrush-esque haircut appear on the screen. The background is a pale cream. The man on the right- our main protagonist has a square above his head. Inside the square, a question is enscribes: “Who painted the Mona Lisa?”. The main protagonist recites this question in an inquisitive manner. His partner in crime stares into the heavens for a moment and mumbles incoherently, his entire mental strength being used to process the words that have just been uttered. We return to our main character, who provides a response to this enigma. “Mona Lisa”, he says, His friend replies in agreement, “yeah yeah yeah”. Both of our characters look at the screen as a rectangle appears, The text on it switches between a few different possibilities before it lands on the destined one. It reads, “Da Vinci”. Our heroes gaze upon this inscription in shocked silence for a moment, their faces draped in confusion. A gleam appears in their eyes as their mouths open, the words forming at the same time, like a chorus playing the same note. In tandem, they utter the final words mankind will witness before armageddon. “Da Vinkie?”
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2020.09.23 23:03 autotldr Woonsocket police: 20 arrested since May on fentanyl charges

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 37%. (I'm a bot)
WOONSOCKET, R.I. - Police in Woonsocket said they have arrested 20 people since May on fentanyl-related charges.
The department started the Woonsocket Fentanyl Initiative in May in response to a spike in opioid overdoses during the coronavirus pandemic, Police Chief Thomas Oates III said Tuesday, WPRI-TV reported.
The suspects come from Woonsocket, Providence and Massachusetts and face a range of charges including possession of fentanyl, possession of fentanyl with intent to deliver, and conspiracy.
Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt said the city was partnering with an addiction treatment center, Community Care Alliance, but did not offer details.
U.S. deaths from drug overdoses reached a new peak in 2019, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said was driven by deaths caused by fentanyl and other synthetic opioids.
In Rhode Island, the state Health Department reported an increase in accidental overdose deaths in the first quarter of 2020 that it attributed to carfentanil - a synthetic opioid more deadly than fentanyl - and stress from the coronavirus pandemic.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: WOONSOCKET#1 Fentanyl#2 opioid#3 overdose#4 deaths#5
Post found in /news and /ArrestsWeb.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2020.09.22 12:05 chocolatefireguard12 Transferring a Cash LISA?

Long time lurker here. I am 42. Two years ago I opened a Cash LISA with Skipton BS. I was worried about losing money on the stock market, so I opted for a cash LISA. Since then I have gained some confidence in investing and I have a cash ISA, an S+S ISA and a SIPP that my working partner fills for me every year (about £2.8k). He has a cash ISA, An S+S ISA and a SIPP as well. I dont work and we already own our own home. The funds in the LISA would supplement my pension when I am 60. The value of my cash LISA is £3.6K. All of our funds are help in Vanguard. We have both used our ISA allowances for this year.
My question is, is it possible to transfer the funds from my cash LISA to an S+S LISA to increase my funds growth prospects? Are there any providers that will allow such transfers? If not, would it be wise to remove the funds from this LISA and simply reinvest the funds in my partners SIPP (as mine is already filled every year)? As I am 42, is it possible for me to open a new LISA to transfer my funds into?
I realise that the state has changed LISA's in that for this tax year that I can draw out the funds, losing the 25% state bonus but not the 5% penalty from my underlying capital. This money could be reinvested in my partners SIPP. Would this be a good idea?
Any advice or thoughts for an investing newbie would be greatly appreciated.
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2020.09.22 10:15 chocolatefireguard12 How to change a LISA?

Hi all,
Long time lurker here. Im 42 and I opened a cash LISA with Skipton BS just before I turned 40. This was before I kind of caught the investing bug. I was scared of loosing money on the market, but have now developed some confidence in these matters. I dont work but my other half fills my SIPP on my behalf and contributes monthly to a S+S ISA in my name as well as contributing to the cash LISA. The value of the LISA is currently about 3.6K. We already own our own home outright, so this money would be to supplement our pensions, but I wont be able to access these funds for another 18 years.
My question is, is it possible to transfer my existing cash LISA to an S+S LISA? Are there any LISA providers out there how would be able to effect such a change? Because I am over 40, I cannot open a new LISA.
If I cant transfer my cash LISA, would it be a wise course of action to simply close my LISA and transfer the funds back to my partners SIPP? I know that the state are changing the rules on LISA's for this tax year so that you only lose the state bonus if you close it and not the 5% penalty that you would normally lose if you withdrew funds from such an account.
Any wisdom to an investing newbie would be greatly appreciated.
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2020.09.21 21:21 dadoonan Green Party Message for International Day of Peace: Support UN Call for Global Ceasefire, Repeal Authorization for Use of Military Force Act
The Green Party observes the 39th anniversary of the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21 by affirming support for the UN General Assembly Resolution 36/37 to “commit to peace above all difference.” The 1981 Resolution established the International Day of Peace with unanimous support.
Green Party leaders condemn the perpetual state of war launched, with bitter irony, on the 19th anniversary of the Day of Peace Resolution with the passage of the post-9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). Green Leaders also emphasized the party’s demand for the repeal of the AUMF, which has even greater urgency with the global crises of COVID-19 and climate disruption.
Green Party of the United States
For Immediate Release: Monday, September 21, 2020
Contact: Michael O’Neil, Communications Manager, [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), 202-804-2758 Holly Hart, Co-chair, Media Committee, [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), 202-804-2758 Craig Seeman, Co-chair, Media Committee, [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), 202-804-2758
Howie Hawkins, Green Party Presidential Nominee:
“It is shameful that in May the US was the sole UN Security Council veto of the proposed global ceasefire in order to cooperate to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 is a far greater threat to Americans than any force the US is fighting in its endless wars. The US ruling class would rather make war than heal the sick. So the US leads the world in deaths from COVID-19 at home and deaths in its foreign wars abroad. Those are terrible facts to recognize on the UN’s International Day of Peace."
Angela Walker, Green Party Nominee for Vice-President:
"If the United States is to change its status in the world from one of aggression and domination to one of peace and cooperation, we must repeal the Authorization for Use of Force Act."
Madelyn Hoffman, Green Party Candidate for US Senate (NJ), and Co-Chair of the Green Party’s Peace Action Committee (GPAX):
“The ramifications of war and preparation for war echo in every corner of human society in our country and abroad with devastating effects. It is time to end the horrible atrocities and unacceptable costs inflicted on humanity by the perpetuation of endless war.”
Lisa Savage, Green Party Candidate US Senate (ME):
“Our nation has become a military empire exporting violence and weaponry around the world while imposing austerity at home to pay for it. I call for an immediate end to US wars of aggression, occupations, and military bases in other people's countries. Let's bring the war dollars home and take care of our own urgent needs during this pandemic: Medicare for All universal single-payer improved and expanded health care, and a demilitarized Green New Deal to address the climate emergency that is our biggest security threat. As global citizens, let's not fight each other for resources but instead cooperate with one another to develop a response to the immediate threat of the COVID-19 virus.”
This year’s Peace Day theme is “Shaping Peace Together,” with the emphasis on working together globally to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this year, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for an immediate global ceasefire, saying, “End the sickness of war and fight the disease that is ravaging our world. . . That is what our human family needs . . .” His call for “solidarity across borders” is consistent with the Green Party’s belief that peace, environmental responsibility and health are intimately connected. Anyone who now denies we are one interdependent human species across borders on mother earth is not in tune to the unprecedented moment we share today.
According to the GPAX World Peace Action platform: “Despite the United Nations call for a global ceasefire during the Covid-19 world-wide pandemic, our government has instead deployed 20,000 troops to Europe to encircle Russia, and has sent warships to threaten Venezuela, Iran, and China. … Further, our country’s interventions in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have left us mired in endless wars that have weakened our country’s economic vitality and decreased opportunities for our children.”
The Green Party’s Peace Action Committee has issued a Peace Pledge which they encourage all candidates for state and local office to sign.
“We have the opportunity while being forced to adapt to a pandemic to reflect on the very real opportunities to end our unsustainable way of life,” said Susan Lamont of the Green Party of California. “Let’s use this opportunity to rethink the ways in which we interact as people and as nations.” She added that the Green party of California platform “advocates a fundamental change in the way we socialize our citizens, structure our institutions, and relate to the planet and its people.” On this 2020 International Day of Peace, we remind people loudly and clearly that “peace is not just the absence of violence, it is a willingness to resolve conflict in a constructive manner with a spirit of good will and respect.”

For more information
UN General Assembly Resolution 36/37, General Assembly - Thirty-sixth Session,, 1981
170 signatories endorse UN ceasefire appeal during COVID crisis UN News, UN News, June 24, 2020
Secretary-General’s Appeal for Global Ceasefire,, March 23, 2020
Secretary-General reiterates Appeal for Global Ceasefire, Warns ‘Worst Is Yet to Come’ as COVID-19 Threatens Conflict Zones,, April 3, 2020
H.R. 2829 Authorization for the Use of Military Force Clarification Act,, May 17, 2019
Green Party Platform: Foreign Policy - Peace and Disarmament
Green Party Peace Action Committee Peace Pledge
The Green Party’s World Peace Platform
Green Party of the United States 202-319-7191
Newsroom Twitter: @GreenPartyUS Green Party Platform Green New Deal Green candidate database and campaign information Facebook page YouTube Green Pages: The official publication of record of the Green Party of the United States Green Papers
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2020.09.19 04:19 fcatthepanerabread A week in your favorite firearm dealer's not-so erotic life *or* FC's tale of two grandmas! 9/18/2020

Friday 9/11/2020 to Friday 9/18/2020
I won't do the play by play. It's more fun to just amalgamate the highlight reel of the week.
Subject: Sig P226
Message: Will trade for RAS-47?
FC: Sure. What do you propose?
I have a century arms RAS47 that has 30 total rounds through it. Magpul furnishing blk on blk.
FC: Right, you told me that earlier. Shipped or picked up? What value do you put on your trade?
Meet in person I’m in Lafayette. Value 900-1000.
FC: Okay, so I'm supposed to give you asking price for what reason? I have to resell that gun, so I'm supposed to buy it from you for $900 and sell it again for $800?
I was looking for a straight trade so you’d only have to sell it for what your asking for the Sig, or more if you're good at your job. AK's are definitely a hotter demand item right now. I’d prefer if you could text me (number)
(Editors note: FC does not text. Only drug dealers do business via text message.)
FC: Let me get this right. You want a straight trade so I only have to sell it for what I'm asking for the Sig. I have to do the work of selling two guns so I can make the same money?
You can sell an AK for more then the Sig in the current market. I’m just stating how easy it is for you to break even worse case scenario.
FC: There's a lot of gun guys in the breaking even business. I'm not one of them. Plus, if it's so easy to sell an AK, why don't you sell it and bring me cash?
It’s a trade so your only selling one anyways. Plus all will sell a lot faster... I’m not a dealer I don’t have people walking in looking for guns. Whatever easy sale and flip for ya but your loss bud
FC: Selling an Sig 9mm plus selling an AK is two guns. You must have gotten that common core math. I'll tell you what. You think it will sell fast? Bring it over here and leave it with me. I'll tag it and put it out at $1200 and when it sells, I'll have a 226 ready for you.
(No response)
Subject: Sig P220 on Gunbroker
Message: your ad says $1200 with CCL. arkansas ccl is reciprical with louisiana will you honor that?
FC: Picking up in person? No. Reciprocal for carry not for anything else like NICS exemption.
are you a federal firearms dealer ?
FC: No I am not.
(Editors note: I'm a manufacturer)
if i can l can legally hold own and carry any firearm concealed on my body or in my vehicle , then the rest is just cash exchange between to citizens , i can legally have own and carry the p938 , there is nothing not legal , we cN do a orivate bill of sale photograph my dl and ccl incase soneonencommits a crime , i can have a truck full of guns all legal, i just have to do the background check again to be able to pick up at an ffl , nit requred to register or anything like that
(Editors note: I delete the message)
Subject: Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS $775
Message: Is that price for real?
FC: No, that's wrong. I'll fix it right now.
(I change it to $875 on the website)
LOL o shit he raised it another $100, sorry man that petty ass shit doesn’t bother me. Honestly it just makes u look like a fucking joke. You’re the problem with dealers, it’s hard to find glocks this month so let’s jack the price up $300 and try to rob someone that doesn’t know shit about guns. Adam Kennedy FF/PM (name of his fire department and department phone number, sent from his department email)
(I google his name and email. He's got a low serial number HK Mark 23 for sale for top dollar.)
FC: I sold 10 at the gun shows for top dollar, this is my last one. Nobody's getting stock. If you want a $625-650 gun, I've got plenty of those but Glocks are selling for top dollar and then some right now. For instance, if you had a low serial number Mark 23 with everything that nobody could get - wouldn't you want top dollar for it too?
I had a mk23 preban with original woodland operators bag, and original Wilcox attachments (well all but the IR) and I put it on the forums. I let people out bid themselves not post it for an absurd amount/hundreds above MSRP just because they are hard to find. The point is I’ve been in guns since around 2012, met some really genuine people and what sets that site apart is people seem to have a mutual respect for each other. I understand that you have a business and have to make a profit but if you can’t separate the two and not price gouge the absolute fuck out of very common items just because you feel you can. Then maybe that site isn’t the best place for you, 95% of the people on that site are individuals and when a business comes along and does that it’s a slap in the face.
FC: So, you accept that you want top dollar because your merchandise is hard to find and are willing to accept the fact that the harder something is to find - the more people are willing to pay for it. You do it, and it's okay. I do it and I'm trying to rob someone? That's called moving the goalposts where I come from. Like it or don't like it, check gunbroker and all the other dealers - everyone's getting top dollar. I just did a show last week where I was $975 on Gen 5 19's, $775 on 43X's and $700+ on all gen 3 guns. The dealer across the aisle from me had Gen 5 34's at $1000. We're in business to make money, and people are willing to pay these prices because they're so hard to find.
How do I accept that?? When I sold the mk23 I posted it for a set very fair price, people offered me more because they wanted it. And top dollar would be MSRP or close to, top dollar is NOT hundreds above MSRP. Let me ask you this, does Glock charge you more (the dealer) because they are selling a shit load of them and they are “hard to find??” Does what you pay for glocks as a FFL change as drastically as the prices you are charging based off the market?
FC: You wanted, and got as much money for your rare hard to find product as you could? That's called getting top dollar! The new ford bronco is going to sell for above MSRP. For THOUSANDS more. are you going to call Ford and complain about that? Of course not.H Hundreds above MSRP is what guns are selling for right now. If you had some for sale, are you telling me you'd sell them for hundreds less than you could? I have not gotten a wholesale gun in stock in months, I have been buying guns at retail to resell. Glock does not set prices and distributors have nothing to sell me - so your question is entirely ridiculous. Do you remember the last time around 7 or 8 years ago when Colt 6920's were $2500 and SCAR 17's were $5000? That was nowhere near MSRP and I didn't hear anyone complaining. Since you don't seem to like it at all, I suggest you leave public sector employment and try to run a business and pay the bills with no product coming in wholesale.
(Editors note: FC used to be a public servant. FC used to work in the fire department. FC knows that you can get in deep shit for sending profanity laced emails on city email account with email signature. I forward the email to his department chief with a polite message tactfully reminding him that all emails sent to a city email are preserved as public records.)
Subject: Noveske lower
Message: Would you be willing to do a one for one trade? I have a NIB Anderson lower. I’m specifically looking for one of a few specific brands of lower and Noveske happens to be one.
FC: So I'm supposed to trade you even up and sell an anderson for more money? BTW. CTD got lowers back in this morning. They're andersons and they want $199 for them but I don't think I'm going to be able to get that price.
(No response)
Phone calls!
A: Guy wants a folding bracestock. I ask him if he wants a brace or a stock. He does not know the difference. I ask him if he's building an SBR. He says he's building an SBR, specifically an SBA3. I die a little inside.
B: Guy calls looking for 100 rds of 38 special for his colt python. Drives up in his tesla and hands me a ritz calrton titanium black card. $75/100 okay? No problem. He asks if I have any more at that price. I tell him as much as he wants.
C: Endless calls for 9mm and 380 ammo.
D: Guy calls me asking for a Glock 43X. He comes in and looks. I tell him $775 as he's holding an Amex. I say I'll do better for cash. $775 out the door. He says deal. Comes back the next week with $575 cash and I look at him funny. I paid $550 for the gun retail but he owns the Chickfila 20 miles up the road and gives me a stack of be our guest chicken sandwich coupons. I begrudgingly accept.
E: Lady calls me she's headed to the range in a few hours. She needs 500 rds of 40S&W and some 380.
Me: I got it. 500 rounds of 40 - $350
1: $350?
Me: $350.
1: No, no no!
Me: Yes, yes, yes.
1: It can't be $350! That's $350! That just can't be!
Me: Welcome to 2020
1: Well the 380 ammo is cheaper right?
Me: Not really. You're looking at $65 a box.
1: No, no no!
Me: Nobody's got ammo right now and we're getting top dollar. That's the price, feel free to shop around.
She never calls me back.
F: Guy calls me asking about my Federal 115gr 9mm. Cheapest on Ammoseek is $57 a box. I don't want to be that high so I price it at $55/box. He says how much for the case. I tell him 55 times 20. He's bad at math so I tell him that's $1100 for it all. He calls me an asshole. I tell him everyone's asking me to get 9mm ammo so I'm buying it retail and marking it up. He tells me not to buy it at retail and hangs up on me.
G: The gun club president calls me. the club needs a new 5.56 upper. I ask why. Someone shot 300 blackout through the old one and destroyed it. I tell them I don't have any uppers. I have complete rifles. Cheapest is $900 for an S&W sport M&P. I can hear his jaw dropping.
There's other miscellany but you get the gist of it.
NOW here's the meat and potatoes you've wanted! The tale of the gun show!
Friday 9/11/2020
I take inventory. I'm down to about 350 guns in stock and I pack as much as I can and get it ready for the show. I've got some Sigs left, a handful of Glock and a mishmash of everything else. I head to bed early knowing full well the next show will be a good one. I bought a bunch of Glock 43X's retail.
Saturday 9/12/2020
I pull chocks at 615AM. This show is about an hour down the road from my house, the last time I was there I sold nothing all weekend, broke my oakleys and vowed never to return.
This time is gonna be different, I said to myself.
At 7AM I walk in and I start loading into the show. It's a small venue in the middle of MAGA country. Everyone wearing red hats and trump train shirts.
In a few hours the doors will open and we are off to the races. I will do hour blocks instead of my previous play by play for simplicity.
9AM: Slow start, the show is spread out across TWO buildings so they route people into the other side and it takes them about 30 minutes to make their way into the big room. First sale of the day is my last Sig 365. For $700. It takes an hour and a half to get his background check back.
10AM: Guy points at an FNS 40C and wants a deal. I make him a deal at $525 cash out the door. He says he'll come back and think about it a bit.
I sell a shield for $500.
I sell a Glock 43X for $775.
I sell a Glock 43 for $700.
For some reason everyone is calling me Daniel. It takes me an hour to realize it's because I'm wearing a gray Daniel Defense polo.
11AM: FNS40 guy is back. He says it's a deal. I hand him a clipboard. he hands me an already filled out 4473 like another dealer rejected his sale. It's folded over on the long side and I tell him to fill out my form in front of me.
10 minutes later he hands me the pre filled out folded form thinking that I'm stupid.
You gotta be shitting me. I park his ass in a chair hand him a pen and tell him to start writing.
He fills it out. I enter in his background check and it does not come back right away. He gets antsy.
12PM: FNS 40 guy wants his money back. I refund it and keep $100 for me. I grab my tablet and someone has swiped right on my bumble. We begin chatting and I ask her if she wants to go to dinner. She's a little older, in her 40's and works for a bank. What the hell, why not.
Someone asks me what it takes to suppress his beretta 92. I tell him he needs a threaded barrel. They run $250. Someone overhears me and brings by his S&W 5906 and expects me to get a threaded barrel for $250.
Guy asks me to bring the threaded barrel tomorrow. I say sure.
1PM: Lady comes by and asks me if I have any 5.7's. She's on the phone reading down my inventory. I ask her if the gun is for her or her friend. She says for her. I show her the 5.7 on the table and roll my eyes a bit.
2PM: 5.7 lady comes by with her butch lesbian lover. She tells me its a deal and I hand her the clipboard. She fills everything out with lots of errors. I get her background check in and I tell her $1375
Her jaw drops. She was looking at the FNS 9mm for $575 next to it and didn't think that 5.7 pistols were $1375. She coughs reeking of weed. I void the sale.
Guy walks up asking me for 70% silencers. I just laugh.
3PM: Another guy comes over asking me if I got a 5.7. I tell him yes. He says he's got $1000 right now for a 5.7. I tell him I'll take $1000 as a down payment. He laughs and is adamant that I take this $1000 for a 5.7 tagged at $1375.
I ask him if he's got cash and all his ID and everything. He's on the phone it's actually for a friend of his. I ask him if his friend can get here before the show closes at 5. His friend has no CWL so his wife has to buy it but he's going to pay for it.
This guy is barking up the wrong tree. I go back and help someone else. He's looking at a Springfield XD I've brought and asks me if I'm making any deals. I tell him we're not doing a lot of discounting at the show. He shrugs and says he tried.
Another guy asks me for a Glock 43X. I walk him over to the stack and show him the tag at $775. He scoffs at me and walks away.
4PM: Show starts slowing down. I write up a Sig P238 Tribal and a P938 BRG for some customers at $700 each. I write up a S&W M&P15 sport for $900 as my last sale of the day. The lady was super nice and understanding when I pointed out the errors on her 4473.
5PM: Time to go home! I dump off some transfers to another dealer and hit the road. It's an hour to get back home.
6PM: I take a shower, shave and get to the restaurant for dinner.
7PM: I'm at the restaurant waiting at the table and I discover that the woman that said she was in her 40's is actually a 58 year old grandma of 2. Someone shoot me. She says she's not that hungry and proceeds to order soup, salad, a martini, an espresso and dessert. She's ordered $65 in F&B to my $35 steak. This was a complete waste of an evening.
My depression worsens and not even a bowl of mint chocolate chip can break me out of this funk. My will to live is eroding by the minute. I fall asleep at midnight and set my alarm for 747AM. I make a mental note to move up my therapist.
Sunday August 16th
747AM. Wake up, take a swig of orange juice and run down to the deli and grab a sandwich and get down to the show. I grab a threaded barrel for a Beretta 92 on my way down. Note: The guy never shows up for that barre.
10AM: Get to the show and uncover my tables and get cranking. It's a slow start to the day. My first sale is a Springfield XD. The show goes on and I write up an FNS for someone. The customer writes the check out payable to HK NO COMPROMISE.
I look at them confused.
FC: Why is this check made out to HK?
1: That's what it says on your shirt, HK NO COMPROMISE - that's the name of your company, right?
FC: sigh
11AM: Guy wants a can without a tax stamp. 5
12PM: Someone walks over. Points at my stack of silencers
1: I can't pick one of those up here!
FC: You got two arms don't you?
1: I mean I can't buy one here!
FC: If you got money you can buy one!
1: You're a real smartass you know that!
FC: Beats being a dumbass!
The peanut gallery laughs at our exchange.
1PM: Guy wants to buy a Walther P22. Fills out the front sheet of the 4473. Satisfied with his answer, he turns the page along the perforation, rips it off and proudly hands the top sheet to me.
I die a little bit inside.
2PM: 7 different husband/wife combos ask me for shield EZ pistols. I write up my last M&P 15 sport I brought to the show for $900. It's a good day! I debated bringing another but I figured selling two for the weekend would be plenty.
3PM: The lady that bought that S&W M&P15 yesterday? She wants another one. I have three left on the shelf. I take her money and tell her I'll meet her at the show next week and she says no problem and does all her paperwork. u/throwawayfire343 's coronavirus infected ass shows up and needles me on a gun.
1: How much do you want for this $150 gun?
FC: About 350
1: really
FC: Gimme $200 and fill the goddamn form right
1: deal!
I take his money and wrap up a few other folks and get ready to pack up and head home. He does the form right much to my chagrin.
4PM: Show is closed. I start packing up. I snag 500 rds of 9mm off the dealer across the show. He started with a full pallet. Most of it is gone. Price? $500/thousand. I am packed up and on the road in a little under an hour.
5PM: Homeward bound........I wish I was........HOMEWARD BOUND..............
I hit the truck stop for some diesel and a cold fountain drink.
630PM: I get back to my desk and dump off a fucking STACK of 4473's. I make a bank drop for the cash and I unload and head back home. I'm starving, I go grocery shopping and grab some comestibles. I cook myself dinner and head home.
Monday September 14th
10AM: My back is out and my depression is worse than ever. I don't know what hurts more, my back or my brain. I head in and get my 4473's worked on from the show.
11AM: Guy asks me to get some 9mm ammo for him held until after work. No problem. He says he'll be here at 445 after he gets out off at 430. He works around the corner.
12PM: Lunchtime. It's Chicken Bacon Ranch day at the market. I'm starving. I grab my keys and get ready to leave when I get a call from a lady from the gun club. She wants one of my last Sig 938's. I tell her to come by, I'll delay lunch for her.
1PM: Laura shows up and spends 45 minutes with me trying to decide on which 938 she wants. She has no intention of shooting this gun she just wants one in case antifa shows up. She leaves and says she will come back in 45 minutes. Great, I can go to lunch now.
2PM: It try to go to lunch. I am not successful. Laura calls me asking me more questions and tells me she has another friend wanting the same gun. I tell her I will put my lunch on hold and she can come on by.
She and her friend debate Sig 938's for a while and each of them buy a gun. I got a twofer! Woo! This calls for a celebration called lunch.
3PM: I get a call from a semi regular. This guy buys a gun or two a year. He's getting his concealed license and does not want the government to know he's buying guns. So he's sending his wife in to do the 4473 for his birthday present, a Wilson CQB 1911 they've purchased off gunbroker. I tell him great, send her over and I'll get her paperwork done. I get ready to go to lunch. The phone rings, Laura and her friend want more of my time. Fine. I will put my lunch on hold. Come on over.
4PM: Laura and her friend come over and Laura suggests that I give each of them a few Sig 938 7 rd pinky extension mags for free since they just bought two guns. I look at them in great pain.
Women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent. I'm sorta in a woman hating mood after this week but I don't want to take it out on them. I explain politely that NOBODY is getting free goods right now. if you want mags, I have three left. They spent 25 minutes arguing with me and then they decide to buy all three mags. Great. Terrific. I'm going to lunch now. Your business is appreciated now GTFO. The guy that wanted me to reserve 9mm ammo for him? Yeah he no showed.
5PM: Beef jerky lunch time. I get my keys and get ready to walk out the door. The wife of Wilson Combat buyer is running errands and can be over here. Sure, come on down. I'll be here. She does all her paperwork and we talk for 2 hours about how autistic you all say I am and how not autistic she says I am. Nice lady. She brought me gummy bears. I tell her I am clearly on the spectrum because I behave and think exactly like her autistic son. She fails to believe me.
7PM: I can finally go have lunch! I go to the Olive Garden for lunch.
815PM: I get home from the OG. This is not going well. My colon does not like the pasta and breadsticks. I spend the next hour and a half making three trips to the throne. This fucking week. And it's only sunday. God damn.
I take a tylenol PM and sleep it off.
Tuesday September 15th
10AM: I get in and start catching up on vendor calls and paperwork.
11AM: UPS rolls in with a wilson and some piece of shit suppressor from some company. I call Lisa and tell her that the package is here and she can pick it up anytime. She says she will be right over.
12PM: Lisa gets her gun and thanks me with some things she got at walgreens. Red hots, and pens. I laugh. I tell her it's fine. She's confused. Her autistic son always liked Red Hots and pens.
1PM: I swing over to the deli and it's Monday. They have hot browns today. I love a hot brown. I grab one and check in on facebook telling the world of my discovery. So many great job poopin memes and comments ensue.
2PM: I call the guy who's got the el cheapo 556 can. He's pissed. That can was supposed to be sent to another dealer across town. I tell him his options.
A: I can do his form 4 and charge him my hourly.
B: I can ship it back to the vendor and charge him my hourly.
C: I can ship it to the dealer across town and charge him my hourly.
He's PISSED and tells me to do the forms for him. I tell him email me all the info and I'll get it done. I get an email in GMAIL CONFIDENTIAL MODE.
What's CONFIDENTIAL MODE? It's a self destructing email you can't reply to, forward or cut and paste from - which makes this useless since I have to cut and paste all the info he's given me. I tell him I need the data in a different format. He yells at me about PII and stuff and I offer to do the form 4 in front of him. He relents and emails me what I need. It's missing a birthday. No biggie. I email him a draft and he says it looks lfine.
3PM: The guy comes by and he's pissed at the vendor and takes it out on me. I tell him if he does not want to do the forms from me, I can send it to the dealer across town. He's mad as hell and I've discounted my rate to $100 as a goodwill gesture.
1: You're charging me $100?
FC: Yes
1: But you're not doing anything.
FC: Here's the checklist.
1: The other place did my photos, fingerprints and everything and charged me $100.
FC: Great. I'm not spending $8000 on a fingerprint scanner to make it back $100 at a time.
1: So you're not doing anything.
FC: I did these forms correctly as you asked.
1: But you didn't even do my fingerprints! Or my passport photos! What the hell am I paying you for?
FC: Why'd they send the item here/
1: Hell if I know! You should call them and find out!
FC: You want me to call them?
1: Well you dealers have a special phone number and email. They won't answer my calls or my emails.
FC: What makes you think they're going to answer mine?
1: You're a dealer! You have a special back office phone number to reach them that I don't have, right?
FC: Are you kidding me?
1: No! You all have that special communication system that the public has no access to!
FC: Gimme your $100 and get these forms reviewed, I've got another customer to help in a bit.
1: You mean I gotta mail it out too! The other place did that for me!
FC: You want me to mail it? I'll mail it. Get the prints done, get the photos taken and get the form filled out and I'll mail it.
1: The other place answered all the questions for me!
1: I am really upset about all this you're charging me the same money and you're doing no work!
FC: You want this can?
1: Yeah
FC: Then follow my instructions.
He pulls out three credit cards with damaged magnetic stripes that won't work. I manually key the card and I'm now working for $96.50 dealing with the biggest pain in the ass I've seen since operation machinegun salvage in 2019.
4PM: I have to go to fedex to drop off today's orders. 1000 rds of 22 leave the building for $189.48. A bunch of mags to the west coast and a Sig P220 are leaving.
5PM: Make it to Fedex where I say hi to Cathy and the gang. I swing by the market on the way home and grab some shredded romaine and a thin cut top sirloin.
545PM: Now I told you this story was a tale of TWO grandmas. Here's the second. I get a call from my attorney buddy Eddie, my partner at the consulting company. He got a call from a lady needing help with some ATF Forms. He knew it wasn't his area of expertise and wanted to know if I could do it. I said send the details my way. He tells me it's an older lady and to expect an email. Moments later I get an email from him.
Subject: Forms for Karen Witherspoon
Message: Will, attached is ATF correspondence from ATF to Karen, I think you can fix this. Thanks!
I look at the attachment.
NOTICE OF TAKING DEPOSITION DUCES TECUM - State of Louisiana vs Billy Bob Ray Thibodeaux
FC: Eddie, I got your deposition notice not the ATF forms
Eddie: Whoops
FC: If that's the worst thing that happens this week it's not a bad week.
Eddie: She knows you're charging her I didn't give her a price.
FC: Lemme look at it and see what we got.
6PM: I call Karen and ask her some details. Her husband was a former licensee/SOT and left a machinegun behind when he died. She did ATF Form 5 and got some errors and needs help fixing it. Just as I'm on the phone with her Eddie emails me the packet.
It's bad and riddled with errors. Out of 20 fields that all need to be filled out correctly, 12 are wrong. And not a little wrong. A LOT wrong.
I won't get into it here but I might in a separate post.
ATF wants the forms back at their facility in 30 days. The mailing date was 2 weeks ago. Which means these forms need to be corrected RIGHT THE FUCK NOW and sent out. Oh and she's got no fingerprint cards.
I tell her that I can drop everything I'm doing this evening, go over everything with a fine tooth comb and have this done in a few hours and I can drop them off tomorrow. She says if I can make a house call that would be good since she has furniture movers coming to empty their house in the morning. I tell her no problem. $350 and I'll see her tomorrow.
I run down all the forms and fix everything. I do a public records search and pull court filings for the probate and print them off and enclose them as ATF requested.
$350 for basically an hour's worth of work isn't bad. There's a steak/bottle of wine split for Eddie in there since it was his lead.
8PM: I call Karen back and tell her I've got everything done but ATF needs a copy of the will. She says she has it. I got everything else they asked off the clerk's website. She's super impressed. I tell her there's a reason Eddie called me.
9PM: Time to cook dinner. My phone is about to die. Just as I plug it in I get a call from u/fat_italian_stallion
He NEVER calls me unless something's up.
We had a quick chat over the weekend at the gun show that went something like this
FC: So that's how I got catfished by a grandma on bumble
FIS: LOL that is epic bad. I'm in New Orleans for a week on vacation with the gf
FC: The psycho one?
FIS: You know it.
FC: If you need bail money let me know
FIS: I just might!
That was Sunday morning. It's tuesday night. My phone dies as I try talking to him. I switch to my landline and call him.
FC: What up?
FIS: I need a solid
FC: How bad is it this time?
FIS: Can I sleep at your house tonight? She went nuts again and attacked me.
FC: I told you not to get invovled with her didn't I?
FIS: She's hot!
FC: You know I'm like 3 hours away from you right?
FIS: Yeah I got a half tank of gas.
FC: Go fill it, here's the address. See you around midnight. You hungry?
FIS: Starving.
FC: I was getting ready to fix dinner. I'll see you at midnight. Get here when you get here.
9PM-1145PM: I fix up the guest suite and prepare dinner. I run to the Target near my house since they close at 10 and grab a few more things. I get back just before 10 and I prepare to fire up the grill and get a steak going, salad and a fresh ravioli dish drowned in Rao's tomato basil sauce is on the menu. Steak hits the fire at 1130 and is resting by 1145. I plate everything and have it on the table at midnight.
1145PM: I get some spare towels and hotel soaps and shampoos. I head out to the driveway and turn on all my lights and leave the garage door open. I set a lawn chair up and crack open a large bag of boom chicka pop poprcorn and await the arrival of one u/fat_italian_stallion
1204AM: u/fat_italian_stallion rolls up. I've got guns and roses "Used to love her" playing on the ipad
FC: sup?
FIS: Long day.
FC: Dinner's on the table. Lets eat.
Wednesday September 16th
We eat and go to sleep. fat_italian_stallion does not know I have slid my spare ipad into the guest suite on the nightstand.
Did you know you can set an alarm on an ipad to instead of making a noise to play a song?
757AM: The ipad alarm wakes up fat_italian_stallion. The song? A little band called Confederate Railroad blasting "I like my women a little on the trashy side." He'll have to tell you the rest of the story.
9AM: I chat with fat italian and we chat a bit skipping breakfast. He has decided to leave this godforsaken state and put some miles between him and the psycho. I don't blame him one bit.
10AM: Breakfast! I throw on a charcoal canali and hit the chickfila drive thru for some breakfast chicken biscuits. I head to my desk and get some paperwork and some calls done.
11AM: I get a call from my attorney buddy Sam. He wants to know how many laws his client who has sent in a Form 1 and not notified the CLEO has broken. I explain I was just having that debate with someone on the internet! It's not a big deal but still kinda a big deal. Our consensus is that it's not count one on the indictment but it could be count five or six.
12PM: Lunchtime. I'm not hungry so I skip lunch. I head to meet with the grandma with the MG and I go over all her new forms that she needs to get fixed with fingeprint cards and my notes. She's super appreciative and gives me $350 in cash. She can't find the will. I call her attorney that I know and he's not picking up. I tell her see if she can get an original copy of the will from the clerks office or from the attorneys office, they normally have a copy.
I ask her what plans she has for the gun. I mean, what's a grandma supposed to do with a registered Colt M16?
All her husbands friends wanted it and they all offered her the same amount so she didn't need it and decided to sell it. She's taking the $5000 she's getting and going on an Alaskan cruise with the grandkids after the world calms down. I shrug. She should have called me.
2PM: Back at my desk, I call the judge's chambers that's doing the probate. Judge Smith LOVES the 308 that I got him a few years ago and is super pleased with my services since he didn't tell the wife about his purchase and I had just gotten a damaged case of 308 PMC Bronze that I made him a hell of a deal on that UPS wrote off. I tell the JA that ATF probably isn't going to call but in case they do just be ready. She's super glad that I told her ahead of time so she can be ready.
Judge Smith is retiring in a few months and he's got some time in the schedule so she patches me through and we catch up for a little bit. I am told that they're going to try to do a COVID compliant socially distanced retirement disrobing party but it's all up in the air. I say if you all need someone to bring potato salad to let me know. As a stalwart of the legal community for many years, lots of folks know the judge so it's well deserved after 20+ years on the bench. As I am also well known in the legal communty the least I can do is show up with a bottle of red for the guy that's signed hundreds of form 4's for me over the years.
3PM: I ship out a few more pistols and sell an M1A scout squad to a guy in California. Not a bad day.
4PM: I'm done for this week. Between the gun show and getting catfished and everything I've earned some time off. I think I'm gonna take the rest of the week off. The phone rings and a guy wants some 9mm ammo. I sell him 500 rds at $375 plus shipping.
Thursday September 17th to Friday September 18th: I wrote this for you all to read.
PS - and this is how you do a "week in the life" thread, you fucking imposter.
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2020.09.19 00:55 ThrowRA_prblms My mother (F43) psychologically abused me (F22) as a teen for years. Now she wants to reconnect, but I feel sick about it. What should I do and how should I handle our communication (if I shoud handle it at all)?

Hey, so, this is a throwaway account because I feel somehow anxious about posting this from my real one. And also, English is not my first language (not even second) so I apologise in advance.
So basically my mother (now F43) had me when she was more or less young (20 yo), she married my father shortly after they met when she was just 19. My parents were in love at first, but then she grew cold to my dad: I guess their personalities were completely different. Both of them had this idea of a perfect partner - and both of them weren't perfect for each other. Even though they had their ups and downs, they had a second child, my sister Lisa, who is 5 years younger then me. As Lisa grew older, my mother grew more bitter against my dad and against me (my father and I were really close, we had a lot of shared hobbies and interests and I were basically his copy). Also my mother became very religious and my father was a solid atheist.
Long story short, my mother began to point her dissapointment and anger at me instead of my father as I was an easy target. At first she just began to show my sister a lot more affection and love then me, like buying her better clothes, letting her do what she wants with my personal belongings, showing her more attention and spending time with her and only her. Every time I asked my mom why she was like this, she would say something like "wow look at you, so egocentric and wanting all of the attention to yourself, you are the older one and you should be ashamed by this kind of behavior". Because of this I became envious of Lisa and distant from the both of them over some time.
Over the next few years - from my 12 to 14 or so - it was just an everyday nightmare. My mother would constantly tell me that I'm worthless, ugly, stupid, too egoistic, that I am the reason that she and my dad are fighting all the time, that she wishes I had never been born etc etc etc - and it happened every day. She never physically abused me but sometimes I wished she just hit me instead of saying she regrets she had me tbh. I remember crying myself to sleep countless times and I remember a whole bunch of things like her ignoring my birthday or me having a pneumonia because she refused to get me theatment, of me running away from home for three days because it was just to much. Dad kind of eliminated himself from the picture - he was either at work or didn't want to start a fight with mom.
My parents broke up eventually - it was a nasty story. At the time I practically lived with my grandmother because I couldn't take it anymore. Mom took Lisa, I stayed with dad, my mother and I haven't spoken to each other at all for a three years or so, later it was just "happy birthday-happy new year" sort of relationship for some time.
All of this left me really broken. I had one suicide attempt when I was 14 and harmed myself countless times after, I was diagnosed with ED and depressive-anxiety disorder, and don't even get me started on trust issues and fear of closeness here. Last year I finally went to therapy (it really helped), had some antidepressants and it's pretty much okay now.
But. Now my mother is trying to reconnect.
She calls me much more, she messages me and most of the time she pretty much acts like nothing ever happened. She never said she is sorry - not even once. I tried to confront her and to tell her that I feel too resentful and I just don't want and can't pretend to be a happy daughter, and that we need to talk about her abuse even if it was a long time ago just to make things clear and put it behind us regardless of how we will or will not communicate in the future. But she either plays dumb or gaslights me ("I would never do/say something like that! You must remember it wrong") or goes defensive and offensive ("Look at you playing innocent child, you were not perfect either") or just plays "it-was-almost-ten-years-ago-can-you-stop-being-dramatic-already" card.
Basically now we don't really speak: she just writes or calls me occasionnaly and I answer with as few words as I can. But even this seems too much to me. I feel sick to my stomach every time she says "I love you" cause I remember her saing she hates me. Even simple questions from her can make me angry, sad or irritated, because I feel like she brutally invades my personal space just by writing "hi". Whenever she shows concerns about me I remember her being who she was back then.
I'm confused, because I don't really want her in my life. At all. I'm better off without her. But is it okay to feel that way? She is my mother (and she is not pure evil) and I feel bad for feeling like this and for being angry with her every message and every call. Am I a complete pushover and a weakling for not telling her to leave me alone forever? Or am I ungrateful and childish for not wanting her in my life? How should I explain her that I don't want to continue this "communication" unless she stops pretending everything is okay and starts taking her actions seriously?
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2020.09.19 00:18 lonestarroad All these people need to be questioned, recruiters indicted, and those who knew charged

Les Wexner (Epstein's source of money)
Nicholas Davies (Robert Maxwell's Editor)
Ehud Barak(Former PM Israel)
Jean Luc Brenel (recruiter from France to Epstein and co owned Mc2 Modeling Agency)
Sergio Cordero (recruited prostitute/models from S. America and cocaine for Jean Luc)
Robert Meister (Introduced Epstein to Wexner)
Sara Junkerman (flew alone with JE to meet with US senators at Wexner's Foxcote estate in UK))
Celina Dubin (Original beneficiary of Epstein Trust)
Adam Koffler and Lisa Ann Heiden (share 2 addresses with GM)
Bella Klein (Accountant HBRK)
Michael Milken (Epstein assoc)
Shelly Lewis (Epstein girlfriend)
Sean Koo AKA Min Koo (Pilot)
Nadia Marcinko (recruiter and pilot)
Michelle Lynn Tatum and Sharon Healy (Shares 3 addresses w/Epstein)
Paula Heil Fisher (Epstein ex girlfriend)
Babi Christina Engelhardt (Epstein hired)
Lauren Kwitner (Legal Assist)
Karyna Shuliak (last GF)
Jennifer Kalin (JE forced her to marry Shuliak)
Mr Gita (real name Joseph Alvarez - Yoga guy friend of GM and recruiter)
Haley Robson (Recruiter)
Emmy Taylor (recruiter)
David Mullen (chef)
Florena Amored Rueda (worked for GM/Epstein)
Dana Lee Burns Perry (GM's right hand)
Sarah Lynelle Vickers AKA Sarah Kellen AKA Sara Bonk AKA Sara Kennsington (Recruiter)
Cimberly Ann Espinoza (RECRUITER)
Janusz J Banasiak(Property Manager)
Larry Vicoski (PILOT)
Larry E Morrison (PILOT)
Maren O and Lance Calloway(General Mgr and Chef of Island)
Lucianna Fontenella (71st. House Manager)
Oains Carla Oaida (Shows El Brillo address in FL)
David Richard Mullen (Chef)
Brent Timothy Tindall (Chef)
Deidre Stratton (HousekeepeRecruiter)
Mark C Tafoya(Chef)
Igor Zinoviev (Epstein bodyguard)
Juan Alessi (Houseman/GM driver)
Zenny (chef)
Adriana Ross, Leslie Groff (recruiters)
Babi Christina Englehardt (assistant?)
Ace Greenberg and James Cayne (hired him at Bear Stearns)
Steve Hoffenberg (business assoc)
Linda Wachner and David Rockefeller (supposed early clients)
Michael Stroll (Investor)
Bob Fitrakis (assisted with WexneEpstein finances)
Paula Heil Fisher (Previously dated Epstein)
Amanda Ellison (Co. secretary for Ghislaine Corp)
Cathy and Miles Alexander (Housekeepers)
Ivana Trump (in car w/GM when recruiting girls)
Donald and Melania Trump (Associate)
Bill Clinton (Associate)
Daniel Zwirn (Assoc. of JE/Dubin)
Janice Ahern (on Zorro inc docs)
Maritza Vasquez (bookkeeper for mC2)
Haley Robson (recruiter)
Mort Zuckerman (Owned Radar magazine w/JE)
David Grosot (consultant)
Jonathan Farkas (Business partner of JE in VI)
Roger Schank (possibly blackmailed by JE)
Erika Kellerhals (company secretary/treasurer)
Susan Hamblin (recruiter)
Svetlana Lana Pozhidaeva (recruiter)
R. Couri Hay (Epstein hired as publicist)
John and Jody Arnold (COUQ Foundation?)
Christina Galbraith (employee)
Cecile de Jongh (director)
Peter Mandleson (assoc)
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2020.09.19 00:07 Toffbags Information and advice on LISAs in regards to buying a house.

For the past 4 months I have been trying to buy a shared ownership house, but given the whole mortgage situation out there at the minute, this has fallen flat on it's face.
I still need to move house due to an impending baby arrival so a chunk of what I have already saved will unfortunately be going towards a rental deposit. Again.
However, I was given a cheque today that I consider sizable (by my standards haha). I have seen a lot of posts on here talking about LISAs so I thought that maybe I could open one. I did a little research, and it seems that some offer you 25% of what you put in over the course of a year, but when looking at various accounts, I got a little confused - mostly because this is the first time I've ever really and truly tried to sort out my finances.
I have no idea if I will actually be able to hit the 4k limit. I have the cheque, and then will have some money left over from what I have saved to go in and after that, it will be smaller regular savings once I work out what I can afford comfortably per month. Whether this will amount to 4k a year is questionable.
So basically, what I am asking is - is this the right road for me to go down? Is there such thing as "the best LISA", and if so, which would you recommend? Also, I'm hoping that in a few years, I won't necessarily need to do shared ownership and will be able to buy fully (with a mortgage obviously), but if I decide to go down the shared ownership route, is this something a LISA will penalise me for?
Thank you
Edit: I have also just thought of another question! My credit is quite bad and I cannot get a mortgage for another 5 years. So the idea would be that the LISA would go in my partner's name because it would be him getting the mortgage. If I were to open a second LISA in my name and we decided to buy before my credit improves, would I still get to keep the 25% the government has added for the years I had been investing into it? How would I be penalised for withdrawing it myself to add to his when it came to buying a house? Or is it better just to add to his and open one for me only if we hit the 4k?
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2020.09.18 14:05 estosdiasazules What can we do to improve our chances of getting a good mortgage deal in a year's time?

I'll try and summarise our situation:
Is there anything we can do during this year to look better in front of lenders? For example, does it change anything if we get married? If we get a credit card?
Many thanks all, I always find this sub so useful!
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2020.09.18 13:31 Long_on_AMD Nvidia apologizes for RTX 3080 launch day issues: "Unprecedented Demand", aka "Paper Launch"
As I posted about here, no stock on Nvidia's new GPU cards is expected until the end of the year:
Why they would choose a paper launch is beyond me; it leaves them with a big black eye. Hubris? Slower than expected yield improvements on Samsung's "8 nm" node? In any event, should Big Navi be competitive (and Lisa Su says it will), and should AMD have ample supply for at least reference cards, but maybe also exclusive AIB partners, the mind share and market share shift could be substantial and fast. That's the magic bit about GPU cards: the decisions are in the hands of individual consumers, not sluggish notebook and desktop OEMs with lengthy design-in cycles.
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2020.09.18 08:58 OzzieSlim Binged all the episodes - only the reunion left to go

Definitely the end. Looking back from 1-8, here it is:
Kristen and Jax - Both pushing/pulling 40 and neither have really grown at all. Both hitting the same self-destruct buttons over and over and demanding attention. Still cycling through partners and lying and painting themselves into corners. The sheer audacity to claim to Lisa that everyone is a star on his show! What??????? He and Brittany were expecting Lisa to gift him an ownership or a management in one of her places. Never going to happen. His anger? TomTom, being married, being eclipsed and not being the center of attention. Her anger? See above. These two should have married each other 5 seasons ago.
Scheana - she is in a world that exists in some weird high school or college. I don’t understand it, she’s desperate and she reminds me of Jan Levinson (no Gould) who will get some sperm from the donor bank near the Ihop and sing “Son of a Preacher Man” to Nikolai (!) at the baby’s christening. Mini-Scheana from Vegas? That is just frightening!!!
Brax and Daynica - A whole season and frankly, I can’t tell the difference between Brett and Max and Danica and Dayna. An amorphous blob who annoyed the bejesus out of me. out of the four though, I hate Max. Scummy.
LaLa - She will always and forever be Lauren from Utah. She changes personalties like underwear but always with the kitty scratches.
Stassi and Beau - there’s some growth for sure but Beau still bugs me. What is it??? I guess he and Jax and Randle all hovering in the 40-50 range have their 25-35 trophy wives. 2/3 of the women are pregnant in that trio. Brittany is killing herself trying to keep up with the drinking while the other 2 have cut back or out of the drugs and alcohol scene. Stepfords.
Tom and Katie - or George and Martha from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”. Taylor and Burton without the charm and beauty. Tom can’t keep a lizard alive or hold onto a marriage license but I guess he’s a good host. Katie needs to get off the couch and find herself.
Tom and Ariana - both moving forward. Not without bumps and mid-life crises but always with projects and ideas and they will be ok. I did not like Sandoval at first but he has been the most stable and evolved the most. I think Ariana just wants her private life back.
James and Raquel - Sober James. Him, I like. More humble, less crazy and maybe Bambi is good for him. I hope he can stay sober. It works for him.
There is no coming back though. Everyone is moving in new directions and not together. Sometime’s, that’s just how life goes. We all live so many lives in just one lifetime, when you think about it.
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2020.09.15 23:54 Shirogrin Investing to help supplement income for a better life now or investing long term for a better future

I'm currently on a relatively low salary of £17,000 as I'm still in training. Have 1 day a week in college and my course fees are paid by my employer.
I've had to move back in with my parents as I split with my partner and I can't afford rent by myself. In my area I can't find a studio or 1 bed for less than £650 a month.
I've received £30,000 of inheritance which is currently sitting in an NS&I account getting 1% interest as I'm not sure what to do with it. I also have £3000 in my nationwide current account but I get an ok interest rate on that also it's my fund for when shit hits the fan so don't really want to invest that.
I'd like to invest long term and have considered a Lisa. But I don't know where I want to be so rent will offer me the flexibility to move around as needed. And to do that I need more income.
Do any of you have an idea for what I could put my inheritance into that will provide a supplement to my income? Or would I be better investing for the longterm with it now and sucking up having to live with my parents again?
I'm 25 and have in the last year changed career path, I have lived with my ex in our own flat for 5 years and I have come accustomed to my own space so want to move out, but can't be putting up with a house share.
Apologies for the long post and thanks for reading this far.
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2020.09.15 16:36 RonWizard Lifetime ISAs - worth it if planning on buying in less than a year?

As title says, really. Me and my partner are looking to purchase a first home relatively soon - is it worth us opening LISAs or would we need to have the accounts for over a year to use the funds?
I'm leaning more towards waiting until the stamp duty holiday ends before we purchase anyway as our budget is pretty limited and we live in Bristol, but if we opened them today would we have to wait until next September to get our bonuses?
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2020.09.15 13:26 Penguin2359 One of my favorite scenes ever in S03E10 - Everyone Leaves

Nate comes into the kitchen after a particularly difficult intake meeting with a client. He sits down in a chair behind his mother who is at the sink and breaks down in tears.
Ruth slowly turns around and knowingly starts massaging his shoulders saying "I used to do this for your father all the time. Such a stressful job".
Then Lisa appears in the doorway. Without a word Ruth motions to Lisa to come and take over for her and the two women swap roles silently. Nate doesn't even turn around.
It's such a simple scene and I don't know why it makes me so happy and at peace. I guess it feels like the unwritten passing of the torch between the generations pinpointed to the exact moment. Like a part of the business we'll never see. The way Ruth teaches Lisa how to comfort Nate is her way of approving of Lisa as Nate's partner and anointing Lisa as the next "Fisher and Sons" matriarch in a way she never did with Brenda.
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Linda G the Comanche Psychic - YouTube [BEST OF] BLACKPINK Lisa's Dancing - YouTube College Lesbian Love  Part 2  1 Million Creation - YouTube LISA OR LENA 💖 #55 - YouTube jisoo and lisa being partners in crime - YouTube 내사람 : Partner for Life - YouTube 1 Week After Losing Wife, Husband Stumbles Across Photo ... JACKSON AND LISA ARE FRIENDS?😳💕 'What's going on with ... HOONY winner × LISA blackpink × DK ikon _moment ygx ...

  1. Linda G the Comanche Psychic - YouTube
  2. [BEST OF] BLACKPINK Lisa's Dancing - YouTube
  3. College Lesbian Love Part 2 1 Million Creation - YouTube
  4. LISA OR LENA 💖 #55 - YouTube
  5. jisoo and lisa being partners in crime - YouTube
  6. 내사람 : Partner for Life - YouTube
  7. 1 Week After Losing Wife, Husband Stumbles Across Photo ...
  8. JACKSON AND LISA ARE FRIENDS?😳💕 'What's going on with ...
  9. HOONY winner × LISA blackpink × DK ikon _moment ygx ...
  10. LISA OR LENA #4 😍 - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Hi Guys!!! as you guys knew that i have a new sub-segment of my Channel the segment name is 'What's Going On With GotPink?!' whereas this segment will conten... Provided to YouTube by Danal Entertainment 내사람 : Partner for Life · SG워너비 The 3rd Masterpiece ℗ DANAL Entertainment Released on: 2006-04-11 Auto-generated by... Welcome to my channel where I share insight about the future of present circumstances in the world by using my Psychic Medium gift. part 1 What should we make next?? Email us and say Your story We Will Make It. All Videos are Filmed Under 1 Million Creation Production House. To Contact Ou... I had to make this video for my baby girl ! I love her so much. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestion. ♡ Tags : #blackpink #kpop #dance #lisa 🤗 Pinkazina WebSite 👉: Lisa or lena choices. What is your favorite, pick one. Lisa lena, This or that. Its like ariana or selena bu... im back! sorry for the long wait since the last video 😩 this one's kinda short but i hope you enjoy these cute lisoo moments ♡ also how you like that SLAPPSS... LISA OR LENA 💖 #55 #lisa #lena #lisaandlena #lisaorlena ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------